Christmas promotion

December 20th, 2015

Hey, everybody! Just in time for the holiday season, I’m announcing a price reduction for the Kindle version of Ollie’s Dilemma and Leo’s Redemption. For a limited time only, you can purchase a copy of Ollie’s Dilemma for $1.99 and Leo’s Redemption for $2.99. Just think, for less than five bucks you can download both books on your Kindle!! The same deal is also available in the Nook versions. Check it out on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I hope you will take advantage of this offer. Merry Christmas!!!

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2 Responses to “Christmas promotion”

  1. Bill Ward Says:

    In May 2014, I was a 3L law student at Mercer Law School, and during finals was browsing the “new books” section of the Law Library and saw Leo’s Redemption. I started reading it and couldn’t put it down. And this was during finals! I can’t definitively state cause and effect, but during this final semester, I made the Dean’s List, and until that point, Dean’s List and my grades were mutually exclusive categories! I was so impressed, I contacted Otis and arranged to have lunch with him.
    Later on, after passing the bar, I enjoyed Ollie’s Dilemma equally, and over time, have enjoyed seeing Otis and his wife at various restaurants in Macon. Both his books are great reads for anyone interested in the intrigues of legal life in Macon.

  2. otis scarbary Says:

    Thanks, Bill. I hope you’re doing well.